New Pop list of Good Songs to Sing

If you want to add some classical ggod songs to sing into your list for practice singing, here is a good list for you! It includes all the top 25 easy songs to sing of all time! Whether you are girl or guy, it is suitable for any beginners! Please check it out! And if you have other good songs, please tell me! Thank you!
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New Pop list of Good Songs to Sing .jpg

Hot list of Good Songs to Sing

1. [I Know One] — [Chris LeDoux]
2. [Garth Brooks] — [That Girl is a Cowboy]
3. [Where The Green Grass Grows] — [Tim McGraw]
4. [Have Mercy] — [Judds]
5. [Does She Love U] — [Reba McEntire]
6. [Holding Her and Loving U] — [Earl Thomas Conley]
7. [I’m Moving On ] — [Rascal Flatts]
8. [Whats Left Of Me ] — [Rodney Atkins]
9. [Workin For A Livin] — [Garth Brooks & Huey Lewis]
10. [Joe Stampley] — [Whiskey Chasin]
11. [I Cross My Heart] — [George Strait]
12. [I Can Love U Like That ] — [John Michael Montgomery]
13. [The Rest Of Mine] — [Trace Adkins]
14. [Elvis Presley] — [Elvis Presley Christmas Duets ]
15. [John Berry] — [O Holy Night]
16. [The Fever] — [Fresh Horses]
17. [Wrapped Up In U] — [Scarecrow]
18. [Celine Dion ] — [If U Asked Me Too]
19. [Some thing ] — [ chaka khan]
20. [I Kissed A Girl ] — [Katy Perry]
21. [I Can’t Stop Loving U ] — [Ray Charles]
22. [Love The one U’re With ] — [ Stephen Stills]
23. [The Commodores ] — [Nightshift]
24. [fire and rain ] — [james taylor]
25. [Secret Garden ] — [ Bruce Springsteen]


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