Do you remember those old love songs?

There are so many old love songs which are very classical and romantic. The very good news is the fact that figuring out fundamental open chords and quantity of finger choosing, strumming patterns currently permits to play modified but nevertheless proper edition of nearly any love song. Some songs are genuinely straightforward and tend not to will need any modifications although.

Do ou remember those old love songs.jpg

Old love songs list of all time

1. [Russian Roulette] — Rihanna
2. [I Love College] — Asher Roth
3. [Birthday Sex] — Jeremiah
4. [Strawberry Letter 23] — Brothers Johnson
5. [Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up] — Pink Floyd
6. [Tuesday’s Dead] — Cat Stevens
7. [Quarter To Three] — Gary U.S. Bonds
8. [Old Man] — Neil Young
9. [Time Is Tight] — Booker T and the MGs
10. [Chicken Every Sunday] — Dolly Parton
11. [On A Sunday Afternoon] — Lighter Shade Of Brown
12. [Sunday For Tea] — Peter & Gordon
13. [Sunday’s Child] — Phil Keaggy
14. [Remember (Walking in the Sand)] — Shangri La’s
15. [Summertime] — Billy Stewart
16. [More Than Words] — Frankie J
17. [Everything I Do (I Do It For You)] — Bryan Adams
18. [Your Body Is A Wonderland] — John Mayer
19. [Naughty Girl] — Beyonce
20. [Groove Me] — King Floyd


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